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  • How to match the clothes with different fashion street fashion

    Khaki coat with blue jeans contrast color use to attract the eye, and then the collar of the red stitching as the embellishment of the whole body look, this time with the choice of white shoes will not be too fancy Oh! Who says fur is aunt wearing it? Even the mature wild leopard fur, because with the addition of jeans and shoes, but also can become fashionable street up. Completely subvert the image of the fur. When the combination of sports wind and feminine, high-heeled shoes on the fashion stage! So the legs and legs of the short legs of the baby who can also play shoes Oh Even if the cold, girls are reluctant to choose clumsy down jacket, however, as long as you will match, nike clearance store down jacket can wear more fashion than the coat! Body blue with a sense of layering, bright color allows you to stand out in the crowd instantly, plus a pair of pink shoes add a little romantic. Pajamas wind blowing from the early spring to the early winter, did not see the decline, the whole body with a white will never go wrong, plus a Paris family of fur shawl as a decoration, pocketed the rate.

    Handsome rebellious locomotive leather jacket, with the shoes, into the movement of the atmosphere, the whole look are many times. Long section of the leather is a demeanor, with a fashionable wide leg pants, black shoes and leather echo each other, the body level feel complement each other. How can you get a comfortable warm sweater, whether it is a cardigan or a jacket sweater, as long as you choose a pair of white or black shoes, upper body sweater color casually you play will not go wrong.

    2017-03-23 13:32:24
  • How to wear flat shoes out of the high heels of the gas field

    Women are high-heeled shoes love and hate, at the foot of the heart if the pain is beautiful; women on the flat shoes are a lot of calm, and sexy, the atmosphere, the official non-detached comfortable flat for the leisure and health. Together to see how celebrities to flat shoes to control Gao Dingxiu field, state visits and meet the Queen and other formal occasions. This inspiration from the icon who they can also put the flat shoes out of the high heels of the gas field. May wish to try the overall black and white plus a small area with bright colors, classic black and white never out of time and wear a low degree of difficulty, the vast majority of women can control.

    Gray low-key but the most elegant temperament. If you wear in the early autumn can be appropriate to decorate some soft light color, such as fresh water green. Scattered in the collar, belt and other details of the small area of ??light can instantly light the overall shape.

    A character design so that the first lady less a little sense of dignity, more of an elegant and sexy. French sexy secret lies in the color and accessories with minimalistism, three or four solid color can highlight the texture of clothing, so that nike clearance thousands of style inadvertently revealed. Flat shoes, fashionable fashion week began in the last two years, before the fashion people would rather endure "toes of the injury" should also step on the high heels on the market.

    Black wide shoes with pointed flat shoes very suitable for clean and neutral neutral shape. Upper body suit jacket and handbag fabric or material if a sense of gloss, lower trousers and flat shoes may wish to choose matte fabric to balance. Dresses outside the windbreaker and thin belt pointed flat shoes classic modeling temperature suitable for early autumn, on the occasion commute leisure is correct. It is noteworthy to avoid bloated and "short legs", please try to choose stovepipe pants and pointed flat shoes. Cloak and pants, such as plain, decorated with rivets or gemstones decorated flat shoes can be the overall shape of the finishing touch.

    Plus fashion, show the real oneself!

    2017-03-23 11:58:47
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